1. If a child misses two tests in one academic session due to genuine reasons the average of the tests appeared so far in the respective subjects will be awarded. However, the two tests should be in two separate (different) subjects, that is the child should not miss more than one test in any of the subject.
  2. However, if more than two tests are missed by a student 0(zero) mark will be awarded for such cases.
  3. Students who have been granted new admission after the commencement of the session and those who are absent for some genuine case (may be representing school in some competition, tournament, etc.) will be granted average marks.
  4. New students will start appearing in the tests only after a fortnight of their admission / joining the school.
  5. Students who are absent for any of the Cycle Test/Assignment Test should get their leave duly sanctioned by the Principal.

A copy of the same should be submitted by the Class Teacher for ready reference on the same day.